Mindset Coaching for Athletes

A new approach to mental toughness   

There are two games every athlete plays - the one on the court and the one in their mind.    

I help athletes master the inner game so they can handle the challenges of the outer game while maintaining a positive and balanced relationship with their sport. 

Mental toughness training is not about using fear, intimidation, and shame to toughen up the mind and make athletes strong. I've been through that as a player - it doesn't work! 

Instead, I use the principles of high performance, sports psychology, and thought awareness to teach athletes how to: 

  • develop unshakable confidence. 
  • believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish any goal they set.
  • stay focused and cope with pressure.
  • regulate performance and enter the flow state more frequently.
  • develop a growth mindset and bounce back from mistakes.
  • direct their thoughts and feelings for success.
  • play with joy, enthusiasm, and the heart of a fearless competitor.  

Imagine a fulfilling athletic experience - your child competing with confidence, enjoying the journey, and reaching their dreams. 

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No more what ifs

 Yes, I earned a Division-I college basketball scholarship to play at my dream east coast school.

✔ In high school, I played in 4 Division I  CCS Championship games, 3 Division I NorCal Championship games and 1 State Championship game. I won a lot of games in my high school career.

✔ I was named co-sophomore of the year by The Mercury News and set a NorCal Championship game free throw record. 

But do you want to know the truth?  

Throughout middle school and high school - I played scared. Scared to shoot and miss. Scared to talk to reporters or recruiters. Scared to be too great. Scared to be not good enough.

And despite these fears and anxieties, I was really good - one of the best seniors in the state of California. 

But what if I had mastered my mindset as much as I had mastered my crossover? What if I had learned to block out all the noise of my inner critic like I had learned to block out the noise of the crowd?

I could have been unstoppable with a different mindset.

When a hip injury and surgery changed the trajectory of my college basketball, my hopes of not only playing professionally but playing at all were gone in a snap. At the time, I didn't have the tools to cope with this sudden change and the loss of my sport and identity - a coach to help me with through this would have made a huge difference in my life.

Today, I'm the life coach I needed most. I coach athletes on mindset, confidence, and mental toughness to eliminate their what ifs so they can thrive in sport and life. 

The signs are always there

How do you know if your athlete would benefit from mindset coaching? 
  • Listen to their language and look for negative thinking. Whining, complaining, placing blame and saying things such as "I can't ... I have to... He made me ... I'll never ... That's how I am ..." highlight faulty, limiting beliefs that interfere with performance and potential.  
  • If there's a difference between how they practice (confidently) and how they play (underperforming), mindset coaching could be the difference maker.  
  • What's your athlete's definition of success? Is it solely based on results? Does losing or making mistakes have extreme effects on your athlete? Do they beat themselves up after a loss? 
  • How does your athlete handle pressure and the spotlight? Do they rise to the occasion?
  • Injuries are a part of sports - but are they getting injured often? Do their injuries effect their confidence? Does recovery feel impossible? 
  • Sports are fun! Is your athlete still having fun? 

If you see signs that your athlete is struggling with their mental game, it's likely impacting their physical game, potential, and happiness. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Mindset coaching is the game changer! 

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