Mary Gallagher, expert educator and inspirer, is your child's life coach every single week!

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A life coaching program that teaches kids how to be happy, successful, and confident from the inside out - for life!

NEW! Summer Series for Middle School Girls   

For rising 6th & 7th graders

Building confidence, resilience & a positive mindset:

a weekly group coaching program 

Over eight group coaching sessions, we will explore key life coaching topics such as: 

  • How the mind works and how you achieve what you believe.
  • Defining personal success and creating your own pathway to reach your dreams. 
  • Mastering self-talk, the secret to soaring self-esteem.
  • Developing unstoppable self-confidence even in uncertain times.
  • Identifying and overcoming fears.
  • Moving past failure with a growth mindset.
  • Using visualization to take brave action and grow.
  • Choosing integrity for you and standing up to peer pressure.

A lot goes on in the heart and mind of a middle schooler and sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster ride, all in the course of a day or even an hour. This tailor-made program is about empowering girls with the inner tools and outer confidence to navigate this season of life with more ease, understanding, and self-appreciation. We will use stories, art projects, videos and songs to explore the topics deeply. We will create a safe community of support and learn to embraces challenges for our own personal growth and upliftment.

Sounds amazing, right? It will be that and so much more! My commitment is to help your daughter know her "amazing" inside and out! 


  • For rising 6th and 7th grade girls.
  • Materials kit and workbook sent to your home. 
  • Includes one 55-minute coaching session for your daughter with me.
  • All sessions meet on Zoom.
  • Limited to 14 participants. 
  • Program Fee: $550

Dates & Time: 

  • Meets Wednesdays, June 15 - August 3 (8 weekly sessions)
  • 6 pm - 7 pm PDT


  • 1 hour parent workshop live via Zoom addressing your questions and current challenges. (Recording available). 


Email: [email protected]


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AmazingU, I help children manage their mindset, reach their potential and lead happy and creative lives. Just picture all the research-backed strategies and best practices from the adult world of personal development delivered to children in fun and memorable ways. That's what I do in AmazingU and I'd love to mentor your child on this amazing journey of self-awareness and empowerment!

Just as athletes need trainers to improve physically and students need teachers to improve academically, children benefit greatly from life coaching at any age.

Think back to your youth - don't you wish you had someone back then to show you the roadmap to success and happiness? Someone to teach you how your mind actually works, how to build self-esteem from the inside, overcome your fears and worries, and follow your dreams with decisive and brave action?

As a certified WISDOM Coach, that's exactly what I do today with kids all around the world. All of my youth programs are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids.

I use coaching stories, thought-provoking discussions, hands-on projects, art, and journaling to teach kids how to use the power of their thoughts to create confidence, happiness, and success in life.


Past AmazingU Project Sneak Peaks

52-page Workbook

Moving Past Failure

Secret Brain Radar 


“Mary spoke immensely about her message of being true to yourself - a message I thought I had given my daughters in a big way before - but they finally heard it from Mary.” 

- Heather Nodelman

Mary has brought so much joy into our home! As this lockdown goes on and on, the kids had been getting really grumpy -- they were sensitive and irritable, and I wasn't sure how much longer we would last!  But ever since they started Mary's classes, they have been in a good mood! They don't want to play with me anymore because they are busy. They are having so much fun! It's so wonderful to see and it warms my heart. 

- Helene Grossman

“Mary is a gifted educator who is passionate about teaching and incredible at inspiring kids.”

- Lisa Faulkner

My message to your child is this:

“Hello! I’d love to help keep you on track to be your best self. Let me challenge and inspire you and help you grow. Let me teach you new habits, ways of thinking, and ideas to improve your life and follow your dreams. I'm here for you! 

- Mary 

Together, we can do amazing things! 

What I do is what I believe . . .

And what I believe is that lifelong happiness begins in the heart of a child who feels empowered to learn and make mistakes, dream big, and fully express who they are. My goal is to be the bright spot in your child's day and help them develop the confidence and mindset tools to take them wherever they want to go in life - and enjoy the ride along the way!

I'm passionate about helping kids and I love this work. It's an honor to be a part of your child's growth, development and journey. 

With Gratitude, Mary Gallagher 


 Certified WISDOM Coach for Kids and Teens.

 Certified High Performance Coach.

✔ Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University.

 Bachelor’s degree in English from Whitman College.

 13 years of experience in education. 

✔ Division-I college athlete.

 Professional curriculum and blog writer in the education field.


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