It's not a jungle out there.
It's an adventure!

I'm Mary Gallagher 

Advocate for cherished dreams and impossible goals

Think of me as a trail guide with the map, bug spray, and fire starter to help kids, teens, and parents reach the peak of their full potential - with confidence and joy.

Throughout my 13 year career in education, I've noticed that many kids and teens, when faced with challenges and disappointments, don't have the tools to properly handle them. I certainly didn't in my youth.

Something happens and they get really down on themselves. They develop fixed beliefs, black-and-white thinking, and unhealthy coping strategies - which can hold them back for months, years and even decades.

Big and small life events can "wound" children because of the way they interpret what happened and what they make it mean about themselves. Most of the time, their parents may not even know or realize what's going on inside. It's crushing for dreams, optimism, and self-esteem.

This was true for me as a child and teen and it resulted in unnecessary suffering in my 20s and early 30s. 

I created Amazing Day Academy and offer life coaching to kids, teens, and families so today's children can have a different life experience! 

S'more about me - your coach & inspirer

My goal is to give children a head start on finding true happiness through embracing their creative gifts, believing in themselves and mastering their mindset.

As a child, I was a high achiever and was often praised for performing well in many different areas. But on the inside, a quiet anxiety kept me from fully enjoying my achievements, relaxing, and being authentic myself. 

In fact, many of my youth clients are in a similar situation - life looks one way on the outside - good grades, extracurriculars, awards and praise - yet feels completely different on the inside - stress, worry, and low self-esteem. I help kids and teens improve this gap so they can enjoy the fullness of their gifts and embrace their greatness with confidence, no matter what life brings. 

After high school, I earned a Division-I college basketball scholarship. It was a childhood dream come true! But when a hip injury ended my Division-I college basketball career and cut short my dreams of playing professionally, I had to rediscover myself, my identify, and my relationship with achievement. This journey led me to become an educator and now a professional life coach. 

I have a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University and taught elementary school in California for 10 years. In addition to coaching kids and teens, I'm also a life and business coach for parents. I earned my certification as a High Performance Coach through The High Performance institute. 

Whether I am teaching a group, working with a client one-on-one, or presenting at conferences, my mission is to inspire kids, teens, and parents to transcend their limiting beliefs, fulfill their highest potential, and create meaningful lives. 

I know that together, we can do amazing things! If you'd like to have a conversation, please be in touch below.

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